Walk With Rangers

How can an elephant protect itself from humans? How can we make sure that our gentle giant friends are supported in times when they are at the most risk?

It is the men and women who work as rangers that are putting their lives on the line in the war against poaching.

We honor these individuals who work tirelessly to stop poaching before it starts, take down snares so that animals don't get trapped, and catch the individuals who are working to sell that tusks, horns, furs and bushmeat on the market.

Walk With Rangers, an East African nonprofit organization, has been working in the region to protect our wild friends. These rangers are spending days and weeks in the bush, doing all that they can to stop poaching from occurring and if it does, ensuring that there is the right steps taken to convict criminals.

We are raising money to support Walk With Rangers and these individuals who make it safer for our animal friends.

Through the sales of our Walk With Rangers Tee, all profits go directly to much-needed Ranger Training Sessions. 100% of profits go directly to Walk With Rangers!

These training sessions will help rangers learn how to communicate in the bush through hand signals, field tracking, and report writing. These skills are invaluable to our "boots on the ground" who are the frontline defenders to poaching and poaching-related activities.

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