Meet The Designer


Nickson is a 19-year old Tanzanian-based artist and graphic designer with a passion for nature and wildlife. His journey started in his early school years, when he picked up a pencil for the first time. He soon fell in love with the freedom of expression he felt through art. Since then Nickson has not stopped experimenting art and learning about the subject. He would spend most of his time in the school library sourcing for inspiration and expanding his knowledge in the art field.

At the age of 16, Nickson was introduced to graphic design by a friend named Johnson and quickly learned how graphic design can not only help with expression but could also help aid in the resolution of many world problems. Nickson now spends most of his time working digitally in creating graphic design solutions for various clients. When Nickson is not designing or working on an art project you will find him reading a book, listening to music or scrolling through Pinterest to stay in tune with new design trends and for inspiration.