The Future Begins Here

It is said that we are forever students, and that everyone we meet is a teacher. Well, we at Elephant Cooperation believe that education is a key factor in supporting communities and helping improve a child’s chance of success and prosperity.

We are fortunate enough to be working with an education center in Nairobi. The school, named Amson Education Centre, was founded in 2012 and currently educates 281 students, covering primary school up to 8th grade.

Amson Education Centre is making a difference in the Mathare area of Nairobi, not only educating the students at the center but also providing food for them. The school focuses on basic subjects, and it has a conservation component that includes cleaning up the neighborhood every month.

When Kenya made primary education free in 2003, there was an enrollment surge in schools beyond capacity. Because of this, parents started creating informal schools. The Founder, Enos Vincent Mutokah, was supporting displaced families with his mother, and wanted to support the children through tutoring.

When there were too many children for Enos to teach by himself, he created Amson Education Centre. As local children came to learn, Enos noticed that many of them were also not getting fed at home. When he decided to begin the feeding program, more students came. With his profound compassion, Enos continued to support the community and the children. So, the school grew.

While we continue to learn from our partners, we know that education makes a difference in an individual’s life. We believe in and are inspired by the families, children, teachers, and staff at Amson. Amson Education Centre’s slogan is “The Future Begins Here” and we couldn’t agree more.

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