Meet Lani

Fungulani, also known as Lani, was rescued in early December at not even a year old. This baby ele was seen wandering through the thickets alone, desperately in need of her mother’s milk to survive. Thanks to the quick response and action of community members and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Lani was rescued and is in the good hands of Game Rangers International in Zambia.
 Every day she is gaining strength, courage, and becoming healthier. We want to help her in this new year ahead by raising $12,000.  With your help, we can make this dream into a reality.

Kasewe, pictured with Lani here, was desperate to offer comfort to the new arrival. Lani was too weak to be allowed out of stable to socialize as she would have likely been knocked down so she recuperated in the stable for a few weeks with restricted activity  before she was allowed out with the healthy elephants.

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